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Weekday Event

$ 1,495

Monday thru Thursday3 hours of The ShutterBus (extra time available)
Unlimited Photo Strip Prints with Customized Logo for Your Event
Downloadable Hi-Res Images Uploaded to Online Gallery (Public or Password-Protected)
Booth Attendant

Weekend EventMost Popular

$ 1,895

Friday thru Sunday4 hours of The ShutterBus (extra time available)
Unlimited Photo Strip Prints with Customized Logo for Your Event
Downloadable Hi-Res Images Uploaded to Online Gallery (Public or Password-Protected)
Booth Attendant


Will the bus work at my venue?

If there’s a will, there’s usually a way! For outdoor venues Nelly can always find a nice spot to nestle into, and for indoor venues you’d be surprised at the creative ways she can squeeze into spaces and places. If the venue has double doors, we can likely remove the center bar divider and shimmy the bus inside.  Once in, if you can provide a ~10’x20′ area, we’re ready to rock! We do need permission from your venue as well – which isn’t usually a problem.

In the meantime, we’re working on a newfangled system to float Nelly up to the 47th floor of the Hyatt, but it’s still in the works. We just need more balloons.

Do you print the photo strips at the event? And can I get extra copies?

Yes! Always! Not only does each patron get their own snazzy little photo strip immediately after they step out of the bus, but we also upload photos to Facebook as well as a public (or private) online gallery to easily access, share, and download the hi-res images as you wish. You can always request extra photo strip prints at the event or access the hi-res digital versions any time.

How many people can fit inside the bus?

If we told you 11, would you believe us? The most that can actually squeeze into a decent photo is approximately 6 people, which is roughly equivalent to 12 small children, or 32 tiny babies. On that note, if you would like to squeeze 32 babies into the bus at once, we’ll actually do your event free of charge.

Nelly looks like so much fun! What’s her story?

Nelly is a spunky, vintage-modern 1978 Volkswagen Bus-turned-Mobile-Photo-Booth. We found her in a disheveled and decrepit state, and rolled up our sleeves and restored her to get her back on the road for her newest photo-taking adventures. We sure are proud of our old girl! For the story of bringing Nelly back from the dead, head over to the restoration category on the blog.

How far do you travel?

We. Love. Roadtripping. We’ll hop in the bus and kazoom out to your event as long as it’s within our travel radius. Travel beyond 45 miles is subject to a small cost-of-kazooming increase –please inquire.

Can you personalize the photo strips?

It seems most answers in this FAQ start with YES, and this one’s no different. We always include a cute little version of our logo with a link to access your digital photos on the bottom of the strip, and we’re happy to customize the photo strips to include your logo or information as desired!

Can I rent the bus for a photo or video shoot?

Yes you can! And Nelly loves being in the spotlight anyhow :). If you rent the bus as a photo booth for your event we’re happy to take a few minutes to accommodate you shooting with the bus to get some stellar photos and video (as long as you share them with us, please!!). If you’d like to simply rent Nelly outright for a shoot (not as a photo booth) please go here for rates and to inquire!

Can we use our own props?

Yes! As long as they’re not broadswords, skis, or a pole vaulting stick (basically anything that is oddly long, sharp and could poke holes into the headliner inside the bus. :). You can always use our props, or get creative and bring whatever you’d like to theme your experience!

Are you hiring?

We’re looking for outgoing, bubbly, people who love vintage VW Buses and putting smiles on people’s faces. If you fit the bill (and can drive a stick-shift), we are indeed hiring! Most of our events take place evenings and weekends. Submit your application here or give us a shout on the contact form to get in touch if you’re interested in helping us run ShutterBus events!