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Prepping for Paint

By February 20, 2015November 30th, 2018restoration, the bus

At some point Nelly had been painted red and white over her original brown and tan two-tone scheme. The red paint was too old to keep, we certainly didn’t want a poo-brown bus rolling around, so after a bit of thought we decided to go with a classic mint green and white two tone.

I (Travis) went to work on the body, cleaning up any areas of concern before we dropped it off to get painted. I cut, welded, patched, blocked and sanded eight or so small sections of metal on Nelly to replace any rust as well as ‘delete’ the side markers and the antenna hole in front as we like the cleaner, ‘chic’ look (if a giant bread loaf can be any form of chic, that is).

We also removed some old decals on the side of the bus, cut out and removed all the windows, as well as the interior. Nelly was just a sad, empty shell when we dropped her off…

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