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Boulderado Hotel Wedding – Boulder Colorado VW Bus Photo Booth!

By February 11, 2016November 30th, 2018wedding

Greetings, all you veedub-photo boose-pretty vintage-crazy good times- lovers out there that have found your way to our little nook of the wide web. Our 3-year-old has trouble saying his “TH” sounds so we tend to use his terminology when talking of our “photo boose” and it’s more fun to say it that way anyway. We’re catching up on a little blogging and wanted to share some of the spectacular weddings and venues we had the privilege of being a part of this past year! It makes us feel all gooey and warm and giggly inside when we get to light up the lives of some good people of the world on one of the most special days of their lives.

Janet and Karl invited us out to their classy Spring wedding at the historic Boulderado hotel in Boulder. We parked Nelly right up on the sidewalk outside the event center, and even though it was a tad chilly, their guests HAD a blast GETTING a blast of fresh air (two kinds of blasts) and getting cray-cray silly in the bus. Many guests came back more than once and Janet and Karl told us the bus was the hit of the night! We just love those two. Two truly great people of the world.

The Boulderado is one of those Boulder landmark places that is so lovely inside and such a sweet location downtown and such a fabulous cozy and classy historical feel, it’s a wonderful spot for a wedding. The ShutterBus just looks so adorable nestled right up against it. Call us if you want this perfect match to be a part of your big day!