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We’re launching!

By March 24, 2015November 30th, 2018announcements

There comes a time with any new idea or adventure that you need to take a step back, draw a deep breath in, and let it go free into the world. For The ShutterBus, that time is now(!).

Is everything ready? Of course not!

We have a mostly functional VW bus with a mostly functional photo booth, a Facebook page with two likes (thanks Mom and Dad!), and this mostly functional website. We’ve done our due diligence; we’ve registered, researched, plotted and planned. We believe that what we’re doing will bring joy to others’ lives (and our own!) through helping create unforgettable memories through a unique experience, we’re building a fun brand as The ShutterBus, and are excited for what’s to come.

With that said, is everything as ready as it needs to be? Yes!

If you asked me at any given point if everything is 100% ready, I would say no. If I were left to my own devices I’d likely still be saying no two years from now. Why? Well…we still need to add better photos to the website…tweak the layout and loading time and set up email campaigns…shoot a short pitch video… get Instagram and Facebook up and running…print stickers and business cards and t-shirts…fix some things on the bus…the list goes on. The difference between people who run successful businesses and those who aspire to often boils down to one word: ‘shipping’. We’re making the choice to ship, and we’re excited to finish up the loose ends before our first events in May as well as continually learn and grow with the business.

We’re ready to go, and so is Nelly.

Nelly, go girl! Go on! Fly into the world! Or at least roll cautiously into it in the slow lane like a good VW Bus should!

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